training Stefania Sabatino
Stefania Sabatino, Neapolitan artist, Professor of History of Art and Design, in 1988 she graduated at the State Institute of Art Torre Annunziata in Commercial Art and Photography, and in 1992, student of the Master Carmine Di Ruggiero, graduated in Painting with top honors at the Academy of Belle Arti in Naples. Then in 2007 she specializes in "Visual Arts and Performing Arts" at the Academy of Belle Arti in Naples. From 1999 she becomes a freelance journalist.

During his artistic life, she puts beside her work as a painter with performer, illustrator, decorator, art director and designer activities. Sabatino is an artist whose work is particularly focused on a renewed interpretation of the materiality of the human body, so as to have led, through her paintings, performances and installations, in a new figuration.

Stefania Sabatino exhibits his works since 1985; on the Web site the most important exhibitions since 1994.
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