reviews Stefania Sabatino
Presentation by Umberto Celentano (Director of Museo Mineralogico Campano)
Review written and published on the occasion of the personal show "Frammenti" held in the Museum of Vico Equense (NA), 2008.

Stefania Sabatino in his paintings of women with sinuous forms and at the same time vital reminds us, even in the choice of titles of paintings, our unbreakable relationship to the subject, starting with water and fire. The blue of some canvases, contained in anatomical upsetting terms, can be read as the outflow of water that takes its role as the lifeblood for our existence. The same can be said of the various shades of red in the fragments of female bodies recall magma flows or the most delicate pink and purple is associated with the warm tones of "rodocrositi" and fluorite exhibited in the museum.
We can not hide the close relationship, almost carnal, the artist creates with the ground. Here are depicted grass' poaching walk barefoot, the search for energy that goes back from the underground and insinuates itself into the human body through the thin wire of the fiber plant, and the hand that reaches out from the rock fluorescent metaphor of a return to primitive magma from which the chemical elements of which we are all made.
And, finally, the relationship with "our land", the tufa, which is reminiscent of Vesuvius and other volcanoes in the flegrea, that in an artistic totem Stefania Sabatino transforms and shapes in a series of hands holding out a painful tortuous lift upward, similar to the route of the fluid magma which is space in the rock and how it explodes at the end with astonishing vitality.
Umberto Celentano
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