video Stefania Sabatino
 November 2010

Well-rounded bodies and reassuring paintings, face each other with mindless beings, broken and uneven shadows, images reflected and distorted of faces disfigured of installation.
Everything leads the visitor to a dichotomous world where the soul and BODY, the spirituality and IMAGE, the invisible and VISIBLE, they collide in front of a MIRROR. The magic item, taken from the global narcissistic society as tool on which to project own EGO, capable of forgetting such that the egotistical man does not understand more than BEING.
Re-do, trans-form, trans-imagine, re-configure, change in identity from different genre, allowing yourself to explore a territory where the real and plausible, the real and apparent, everything and nothing, coexist in a Trinitarian mystery.

introduction Maresa Galli

edited by Joanna Irene Wrobel and Maria Antonietta Roselli

Location: Le Muse - Naples
 November 2009
docUMANI in movimento
 July 2006
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