linKolors Stefania Sabatino
Giffoni Film Festival 2011

"If the character of the nineteenth century was to establish links to fury of rails and bridges and poles ... the poet (the artist) today will therefore be put in contact with distant images wirelessly."(Giuseppe Ungaretti)

This year, as in the past three years, the Festival of Young Cinema of Giffoni Valle Piana, is accompanied by a show of visual arts, entitled linKolors, edited by Salvatore Colantuoni. The theme of which 24 artists of different nationalities, languages and using different techniques, have been called to compare is the link in its broadest sense and inclusive of connection, connection, concatenation. [...]

[...] And the same physicality can be found in Stefania Sabatino. Life is a link where faceless bodies touch, fondle and join in a perpetual dance and where the final equation (Man + Man = Love = Life = Love = Colors) reminds us of films of Ferreri (Dillinger è morto; La carne; La grande abbuffata) and the less scratchy but most poetic of Pier Paolo Pasolini, I think particularly of his early films, Accattone and Mamma Roma, and the trilogy of life where the body, the most genuine, the popular, fills and dominates the screen. [...]
Francesco Improta
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