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Pontecagnano, former tobacco factory gives hospitality to Vittorio Sgarbi and Biennale.
The preview with former minister and Salemi mayor today:
93 artists on show. The factory becomes exhibition space.

SALERNO - The official opening of the exhibition "Lo stato dell'arte" designed by Vittorio Sgarbi is scheduled for tomorrow, Thursday, at 19. Yesterday, however, those who went to Pontecagnano could assist the process of transformation undergone by the old dryer former Tobacco Factory Centola, long owned by the municipality of Pontecagnano Faiano. Renovated building has been transformed into an open structure that well lends itself to become an excellent location for exhibitions worthy of a review that is born from the Campania Hall last Bienniale. In fact, working with wisdom, the architect Nicolas Bellario from Rome has transformed the interior of the building recently restored in a real showroom can hold its own against one of the premises of the Venice Biennale. Working with plasterboard, designer has divided the building, lit by a soft natural light, in a number of exhibition space where Vittorio Sgarbi has decided to fix the ninety works created by artists from Campania working on different forms of artistic expression: from painting to ceramics, from sculpture to photography.
The exhibition sponsored by the City of Pontecagnano Faiano, with the assistance of the Province of Salerno and the Chamber of Commerce of Salerno, is also organized by Vittorio Sgarbi, and involves over 90 artists including painters, sculptors, potters, photographers, video artists, graphic designers and authors of installations.
"The presence of Pontecagnano is equivalent to Venice one - says Sgarbi - and sometimes has more motivation title for aesthetic considerations that go beyond the particulars of a writer, painter, poet, filmmaker, philosopher, elected patron, as happens in Venice.
An open commission, even with effective reporting of regional origin, has offered artists that I have observed with great interest and selected, effectively and respectfully hope, for this 54th edition of the Venice Biennale, the first in Salerno."
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